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Servicing your piano is an important step in keeping every part of the action working as it should. As with any instrument, wear and tear will take its toll. Regulation of the action and repair to worn parts will keep the piano in good working order.


Regulation of the action is, the process of making sure that everything that happens when the key is depressed, happens as and when it should. Starting from setting the key height, to hammers at rest. The process is repetitive and fairly time consuming. As with all repair and servicing, Juniper Pianos offers a Free Evaluation service, where we will assess the piano and list a comprehensive list of jobs needed and the cost involved.


Please contact us to fix an appointment to discuss the needs of the piano.



Juniper Pianos has workshops large enough to accommodate any piano, grand or upright, for full or part rebuild. We offer a full service from restringing pianos to full overhauls of actions and case work, to include the best materials available to the trade. Please email with any questions regarding renovation work.


A Free evaluation is available upon request, where a full report detailing list of jobs and costings will be made to the customer.  




Cost - £50 per hour,

estimate agreed in advance.

Cost - Variable dependant on work required but estimate agreed in advance.